I’m only kidding. Shannon Anderson is a national treasure.

Woman looks up over her right shoulder at her fairy godmother who is whirling a magic wand.
“Fairy Godmother” — Illustration by Corinne DiGiovanni

Having spent the last 10 years of my life working in tech, I have participated in my fair share of networking events and workshops. Very few of these events have felt like they were relevant or actionable, let alone specific to the advancement of women in the field of technology. So I was cautiously optimistic for Shannon Anderson’s “Turning Your Career Problem Into A Game Plan”. …

“Love”— by Jude Beck, from Unsplash

I never met you, but I know I love you.

A year ago, I barely knew you existed. There were the occasional whispers overheard in the halls of the office. Your name or title was thrown around, but I didn’t actually know you.

I have spent the last year observing and watching you work. In any other scenario, this would be super creepy, but trust me, observing peoples’ behaviors is my job.

I have observed your daily struggles and balancing act between your internal drive for truth and the limitations of your current software and workflows. You are stewards of…

What is a Product Teardown:

As a product designer, I look to direct-competitors and out-of-industry apps/sites to observe how they solve similar problems to what my product is facing. A teardown goes beyond collecting screenshots. Part of the teardown process is to go through the UX flow and call out both wins and challenges that the app/website has encountered.


  • Enterprise (in-industry/direct supplier)
  • Southwest (in-industry/leisure travel)

Problems History

Egencia, a Travel Management Company or TMC, is a subsidiary company to the Expedia Group. The original application was launched in 2012 as a trip itinerary companion to the desktop ecosystem. …

A half-day workshop built around Design Thinking and rapid creation of ideas for the new Egencia Mobile Homepage.

In the spirit of transparency and open source knowledge, I wanted to share my wins and obstacles from a Design Thinking workshop I ran last year. You will find the full agenda, worksheet and key takeaways for each design play. Feel free to pick and choose a play or utilize the complete set for a half-day workshop that you can run with your own team. Good luck!

(photo by Corinne DiGiovanni)


Egencia, a Travel Management Company or TMC, is a subsidiary company to the Expedia Group…

By Corinne DiGiovanni, Lead UX/UI Designer

The Customers Are Always Right!

We have all heard the cliche, “The customer is always right,” and every business owner knows that this can be misleading. When many customers have the same bad experience, however, it spells trouble. Whether it is a mobile app or dry cleaning, if the experience is not designed for the user, the user will not come back.

This sounds simple enough, but there are often many cooks in the design kitchen competing with the user:

  • Employees: “I don’t like change. This needs to fit our current operations!”
  • Management: “I’ve…

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